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Toddler Party Dresses

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Whether it's a shirt or a diaper, getting dressed has become a dreaded chore. She wiggles and whines her way out of your grasp and has a tantrum if she can't do it her way (which may mean staying naked!).

Why it happens: Trying to get a toddler to stand still for anything — much less putting on clothes or diapers — is difficult enough, but add a young child's need for control and you've got a recipe for dressing disaster. What's more, there's a toddler's desire to dress herself, which usually precedes her ability to do it well (expect more precise self-dressing skills closer to her third birthday). The result is frustration, often a precursor to — you guessed it — a meltdown. (Also, keep in mind that sometimes children resist wearing diapers because they have a diaper rash and it hurts.)

What you need to know: Make this your mantra, Mama: "This too shall pass." It may be hard to envision right now, but one day she won't need diapers and will be dressing herself (and choosing her own clothes — yikes!). Until then, try these tips to ease those wardrobe workouts.

What to do about it:

Start (and stay) calm. Mellow both your mood and that of your child with hugs and kisses before you begin the process.
Offer choices. Ceding some control can make your toddler less combative. Give her a choice between two or three (but no more) outfits. If she comes up with an inappropriate idea (a gauzy skirt in February), offer a compromise when possible (like warm leggings underneath). To lessen the chances of this happening again, pack out-of-season clothes out of sight and out of mind.
Let your child practice. She'll be more cooperative if she can do some things herself. Set her up for success by getting her started but letting her finish up on her own. Pick clothes that are simple to slip on (elastic waists, pullover tops) and have few buttons or snaps. Or, try letting her dress "someone else" — like a doll or stuffed animal with easy-on outfits — while you're dressing her.
Time it right. If your child likes to play "dress me if you can," try doing so as soon as she gets out of bed, before she knows what's hit her. But when she's engrossed in an activity, wait until she's done before you begin or bring her toy with you.

We are going to start our quest on finding the cutest toddler flower girl dresses with this gorgeous, traditional Ivory flower girl dress.
It is made of polyester and it it is very soft and comfortable and will look beautiful on your little girl!
Ivory dresses are very popular party dresses because they are classy and elegant.
This Ivory flower girl dress is also very affordable!
Available in sizes 2T to 12.

The cutest toddler flower girl dresses have..... flowers on them, of course!
This is a very cute and very colorful flower girl dress for babies!
It is so sweet!
The colors are gorgeous and it is a perfect flower dress for an outdoor wedding or spring wedding!

Once you start, make speed a priority. That means having everything (the whole outfit or wipes, ointments, and diapers) ready before making your move.
Use diversionary tactics. While slipping her sweater over her head, talk about what she'll be doing in day care or on an upcoming playdate. Have a special toy on hand for her to play with while you change her diaper. Sing a song, play an interactive game ("Where's your nose? There it is!"), or ask her to be your helper. She can hand you clothes or supplies as you need them.
Change it up. A switch in tactics can take the wind out of your rebel's sail. For example, ignore the changing table and use the living room floor. If she wants to stand on the sofa while dressing, so be it.
Consider touch sensitivity. Toddlers often don't have the words to tell you when an itchy sweater or scratchy tag is bothering them. Try to tune into her body language and opt for clothes that are soft, comfortable, and not too tight.
Be firm, stay cool. If all else fails, hold your toddler still (but never spank or shake) and get the job done as quickly as possible.

Shop babyGap's great collection of toddler dresses. These toddler dresses and jumpers feature unique details, cute patterns and pretty prints just for your special toddler girl. Dress her up in our toddler party dresses or bundle her up in our soft and cozy toddler sweater dresses and hoodies, which come in bright colors. For layering over a soft T and fun tights, our toddler jumpers are the perfect choice.

TODDLERS’/CHILDREN’S DRESS: Sleeveless, above waistline, fitted bodice, mid-knee length has back zipper closure, tie ends and skirt variations. A, B: overskirt, front band and bow. C: contrast hem band. E, F: gathered skirt. A, C, D, E, F: purchased trim and applique variations.
NOTIONS: Dress A, B, C, D, E, F: 12" Zipper. Also for A: 11/2 yds. of Baby Rick-rack Trim. For C, D: 1/2 yd. of Ribbon Rosette Trim. For C: 33/4 yds. of Baby Rick-rack Trim. For E: Purchased One Applique and 6 yds. of 3/8" Flat Trim. For F: Purchased Three Flowers.
FABRICS: Dress A, B, C, D, E, F: Eyelet, Lightweight Broadcloth, Lightweight Linen and Lightweight Piqué. Unsuitable for obvious diagonals. Allow extra fabric to match plaids or stripes. Use nap yardages/layouts for pile, shaded or one-way design fabrics. *with nap. **without nap.
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White sheer toddler's dress with embroidery and lace on all hems. Label from "Bullock's Wilshire". Worn by Renee Marcus when she was a baby.
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Toddler Party Dresses
Toddler Party Dresses
Toddler Party Dresses
Toddler Party Dresses
Toddler Party Dresses
Toddler Party Dresses
Toddler Party Dresses
Toddler Party Dresses
Toddler Party Dresses
Toddler Party Dresses
Toddler Party Dresses

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