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Shugah boutique was born in june 2007. The first boutique was opened in manly west in brisbane and stocked labels like George, |Charlie Brown, Manning Cartell ,Lili, Milk and Honey, Mink Pink, Blessed are the Meek, Moss and Spy and many more. S hugah was a hit from day 1 and due its success, a second store opened at Cannon Hill 9 months later. Shortly after the gfc hit and the stores found the more expensive labels were not selling and that main clients still buying were the younger market.

The direction of shugah had to change and the store started to stock younger and less expensive labels like Finders Keepers, mink pink, ladakh, wish, cooper street, honey and beau, maurie and eve, toi et moi, hunt no more, staple, cameo and more. The store specialised in party dresses, race dresses, 21st and 18ths dresses and dresses for weddings.

In 2009 shugah created an dresses online store which has gone from strength to strength and stocks all the labels available in the stores. The site can, be searched by dress style. Eg. cocktail dresses, race dresses, evening dresses ,day dresses maxi dresses ,tops, pants and skirts or it can also be searched by designer. Some of the designers on the website include blessed are the meek, mink pink ,maurie and eve, toi et moi, camilla, brooke davis ,the story of, natasha gan, bebe, one teaspoon, finders keepers , cameo, keep sake minty meets munt, style stalker, marven, seduce, shanti butterfly, honey and beau, pink stitch ,august street, iikoy, truese, may the label, hunt no more, house of wilde, mad love, shakuhachi, justine davis, lolita, kuku, shona joy, ebony eve and more.

In 2011 another Shugah store was opened on the north side of Brisbane in new market and 6 months later a headoffice was opened due to the online store growing so quickly. The office is situated at the back of the space and a retail store will be opened at the front office space in a year to two once major development of the area, which has been approved starts.

In September 2012 a fourth store was opened at westfield garden city, Mount Gravatt Brisbane.

Words that come to mind when I think fashion
I decided to play a game and think of as many words as I could that came to mind when I thought fashion.

- Maurie and Eve
- Chanel
- Alexander McQueen
- Chloe
- Zimmerman
- Audrey Hepburn
- Birdgette Bardot
- Sass and Bide
- Mercedes Fashion Week
- Vougue
- Kate Moss
- Dolce and Gabbana
- Mink Pink
- Nookie
- Shakuhachi
- Romance was Born
- Maxi dress
- Silk
- Leather
- Lace
- Neon
- Lady Diana
- Oscars
- Kardashians
- Paris
- Lagerfield

Bucket List
O.k. So everyone has or at least should have a bucket list. Why not have one for fashion as well. Have sorted through the trends of the years and come me up with a list of styles that you HAVE to try before you die.

Leopard Print. Every woman should at least once in her life wear leopard print of some kind. You can wear it minimally by wearing a thin leopard belt with black capri pants and fitted black t -shirt, or go a little more daring by wearing leopard print pants and if your really game, match with red high heels. You can also wear a leopard bag with just a little black dress but take it from a leopard pattern lover, it can become addictive. There are so many great leopard print styles out there in blouses or tops that look amazing with a plain black pair of jeans. I persoannly love wearing a leopard off the shoulder oversized T with balck leggings. I can wear with flats through the day and for a night outfit throw on a pair of chunky heels and a big pair glamour earrings and off I go.

The leather skirt. A classic that has been in fashion every decade. Leather is so flattering and there is  styles out there to suit every body shape. It is great for etiher summer or winter and its look can be changed so easily.  A silk blouse or a sheer top tucked in will give a sophisticated look, whie wearing with a oversized tshirt and shorter skirt will give a great day look. Theleather skirt is one of those pieces that once you wear it you will kick yourself for not having tried it earlier.

Sequins during the day.  Yep... You heard it... Now is the time to throw on a glitzy sequin top or jacket and team with a pair of jeans, denim skirt or denim shorts.  Denim cut off pants at a length that you feel good in is perfect.  If you have a jacket just wear a loose t-shirt under.  I know there is probably many of your with your 80’s sequin pieces in the cupboard.  Get them out dust them off and off you trot.

The statement necklace. Age is NO barrier here.  Even if is a oversized ring, bling it up for a day and feel like a movie star. I am a big one for statement rings and seldom go out without one on. They werisouldy make me feel like a bit of a star. A great way to dress up minimal clothing like a t-shirt or open neck blouse. And it takes the little black dress or simple dress to a whole new level. You can buy amazing accessories at ridiculously low prices so go on.. Go out right now and give it a go.

The biker jacket.Everyone needs to experience the rick chick look at least for a day. There are so mnay styles out there for the biker jacket that there is one for everyone. Not necessary to think heavy leather, zips and chains. There are lots out there is soft quilted fabrics that are ultra feminine and come in all fabrics like leather, silk and cheaper versions in poly and pvc. A great piece to throw over almost any dress, pant or skirt.  A piece that will just keep on giving.

High waisted trousers or pants. One I have yet to try. They tend to be flattering on all legs and the rib skimming waist makes them even more amazing.  If you want to take the look aeven further and make your pins look even longer then match with a pair of heels or wedges and the runway will be ready for you. Have almost convinced myself to go and get a pair now.

Shorts at night.  Yes this is for everyone too. For us oldies a tailored longer pair of shorts with a button up shher blouse, big statement knecklace and heels.. Give it a go. Fir the youngies the sky is the limit.  A pair of shorts just needs to glamour touches to make it the perfect night outfit.

Glitsy shoes.  Go girly. Glitter heels in any colour will take you to instant glamour.  Silver or gold glitz/sequin shoes for the more conservative and for that eccentric out there the sky is the limit. Turquoise sequin shoes with a hot red dress. Yum.. Hot pink glitz shoes with a red dress. Yum.  If you have that little black dress at home that you have worn year after year. Go buy a pair of ultra glizy shoes and clutch and I promise you, you will look and feel amazing.

Sequin dress.  You have to do it. Still on my bucket list and I have promised myself this Christmas after I drop a few kilos that this will be the year.  Sequin dress come in all shapes and sizes and there are styles out there that will suit everyone… Sequin dress come fitted, A line, longer and shorter.

Ripped jeans. One of my staple pieces. It is a rock chic look that I LOVE. You can get ripped jeans in all shapes and sizes and you can get them really ripped or just a little. They make me feel young while still hiding all my extras and I can dress them up or down. They are comfortable, come in every different colour imagineable and give that fashion forward look without even trying.

Off the shoulder over sized T and tights. So fabulous for any occasion. Another ensemble you will regularly seeme n. I don’t have to pull my belly in, still feel sexy with one shoulder bared and again can dress up with heels or wedges and down with a pair of flats. To dress up even more, a oversized pair of glamour jewelled earrings. Youj can alsodress the look up by wearing a longer sheer blouse. I have a sheer bronze animal print shirt that I wear with leggings and feel amazing in every time AI wear it.

Platform shoes. Do it. Do it.  They look scarier than what they really are and I promise you if you are a shorty like me, gives you a whole new look on life. I can wear wedges all day and they make every outfit look sooooo much better. Every time I wear wedges people ask me if I have lost weight. LOVE them. I especially love wearing them with pants, jeans and maxi dresses. Lots of maxi dresses hit the ground for me so a pair of wedges takes it to the perfect length and makes me feel glamorous at the same time. Go try a pair on, make sure they have a wider bottom to start with and practise walking around in them.. A few laps around the shoe store and I think you will start to get the hang of it. Practise is SOOOO worth it for platforms.

She wasn't a movie star, she wasn't a singer, she was a Princess.

She was Princess Diana, but before anything else, she was a wonderful human being, a great role model, and a total fashion icon.

No…. She was one of the fashion icons of her time and has influences fashion through the decades; it's just that everything else she did in life overshadowed her fashion prowess.

When you think of the style Princess Diana flaunted, it was elegant two-piece suits, gorgeous dresses, and casual chic.

To bring more light to the style and inspiration Princess Diana brought to the fashion world, we're going to cover her 5 most famous dresses.

Traditionally most list start from last to first, but we're going to go ahead and start this one off with a bang and go straight to number one.

1. The Wedding Dress - Princess Diana hand picked designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel to design her wedding dress, she knew what she wanted, but not being a designer herself, she could only express through words what she was looking for, and hoping the designers could take in her ideas and run with it. The end result was a traditionally Carrickmacross laced elegant ivory dress embroidered with sequins and pearls with huge puff sleeves, (such a statement trend for the 80’s) and a massive bow. It was a wedding dress the world had never seen before, and it was a dress that the fashion world would fall in love with. To this day the techniques and skills used in making the dress are closely guarded fashion secrets only known by the designers.

2. Moving right along, ringing in at number two is a dress designed by Catherine Walker, a grey silk crepe evening dress with a slit along the side, and a bodice embroidered top that reflected the look of pearls and sequins. Elegant, classy, and a little sexy.

3. Black halter neck gown that’s trimmed at the neckline sprinkled with beads and sequins. Another masterpiece by Catherine Walker, one of Princess Diana’s personal favorite designers and the dress she wore when Charles announced the divorce.

4. Goodbye Catherine Walker, Hello Victor Edelstein. Next on the list is a beautiful, unforgettable deep midnight blue silk velvet dinner dress, probably better described as an evening gown that Princess Diana wore to a White House dinner, where she mingled with America’s leaders, and also a few celebrities. The gown had shoulder straps, a subtle bustle, and was fitted through the bodice and hips with a slight A line at the hem and the dress caught the attention of everybody in attendance. This night, she shined in blue and caused a revival of velvet evening gowns.

5. We’re back to where we started with David and Elizabeth Emanuel. Lady Diana was elegant, she was classy, she was on her way to becoming royalty, and with the help of these two designers, she was racy and on her way to becoming a true fashion icon. This racy black strapless cocktail dress, was fitted tough to the knee and tailor made to show off Diana’s sleek figure. It was pretty daring for a 19 year old soon to be princess, but she threw caution to the wind and with one single night, she shattered her image and created a new one. Strapless gowns were unheard of to be worn by royalty and the look was perfected with a stunning minimal jewel necklace that had copies being replicated all over the world.

Kate Middleton
The fabulously stylish Duchess, Kate Middleton has made her mark and impacted the fashion industry immensely, to the point where it’s now deemed “The Kate Middleton Effect.“ This effect boasts that if she wears a particular dress on a certain day, expect that particular dress to be sold out on the same day at closing time.

Designers and fashionista’s closely watch her fashion choices in order to make sure they have similar items in stock for the buzz that follows her wardrobe selections. A perfect example of this was her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding gown for the royal wedding. This dress had the whole world gasping and inspired so many bridal designers all over the world to ensure they stocked similar dresses for those who wanted to replicate the fairy tale wedding.

Lace was already coming back into fashion well before the Duchess chose the material as the focal point of her wedding gown, but her selection has ensured that lace is here to stay, and that is evident with all the current trends and dresses that have been circulating fashion stores.

Kate Middleton’s style can be described as effortless and classic. Her outfit choices are timeless, and she would probably still be considered ‘fashionable’ in 100 years’ time. She flatters her body shape with slash neck-lines, and dresses and skirts with hemlines just above or below the knee. To keep herself looking immaculate, she wears nude stockings with most outfits, and she sticks to wearing colours that perfectly suit her skin tone. These include colours like red, royal blue, peach, nude and purple.

Kate is admired by many women all over the world, including me, because she dresses conservatively and looks fabulous and classy at all times. The fascination with the Duchess has increased as she’s been more present in the media. She never wears anything loud or outrageous, but somehow she always stands out. She inspires many women to dress corporately, wear classic/timeless pieces, long or capped-sleeved dresses, trench coats, and hair-pieces. She is sometimes criticised by the media for borrowing her sister’s clothing and recycling and wearing the same outfit twice, however, this shows that she’s just like the rest of us. I love Kate, and would LOVE to raid her wardrobe any day of the week!

Kim Kardashian
Hollywood's favourite Armenian bombshell, Kim Kardashian, is probably one of the world's most influential figures because of her always perfect appearance. She has become one of our favourite people to follow because of her immaculate style and fashion. People love her because she has brought curves back, and is proud of her voluptuous figure. This immediately draws people to her because of the fashion industry being saturated by impossibly stick thin models, she inspires women to be proud of their curves and wear clothes that emphasise their body shapes. Kim Kardashian has been described as the epitome of perfect style, as she mixes classic pieces with extravagant details, and somehow always appears perfect and glamorous with her edgy yet conservative style.

Hollywood's favourite girl knows how to dress, and dress well! She wears sky-high Louboutin's with almost every outfit. During the day she rocks a simple T-shirt teamed with jeans, heels and a stylish blazer. Statement jewellery always adorns her outfits, day or night and she always seems to get the mix right. At night, she wears the fitted dresses, many strapless and gowns that bring her in at the waist to flatter her bootylicious figure. She loves to show off her famous curvy assets, her boobs and bum and proves to all that you do not need to show lots of skin to look sexy. Some of her favourite clothing items are: ripped jeans, feminine blouses that usually have a deep v neckline, chunky jewellery, dark makeup, high-waisted pants and skirts – usually fitted pencil skirts, and block colours. Most girls would give anything to have Kim's wardrobe or her designer handbag collection. She has inspired so many women all over the world to feel fabulous in their own bodies and wear amazing clothes to suit all shapes and sizes. She's an amazing inspiration in the world of fashion and one to always look out for.

Cooper Street
The brainchild of Craig Cooper, Cooper St is the world renowned fashion destination. Complementing a woman's persona by highlighting her individualistic style since 1988, the name is today synonymous with everything stylish. A successful label, Cooper St adorns the exclusive fashion stores of Australia along with creating waves in the international market.

Whether you toss up a figure-flattering dress with ruched paneling for a formal night out or a trendy spearmint one shoulder ruffle dress for summer fun, you cannot possibly resist the charm of understated elegance that flows effortlessly into every neckline and each cut away detailing of a Cooper St.

Season's Trend
This season's formal wear is a sparkling mix of royal, sensuous look with a dash of Victorian elegance celebrating your feminity in the rustle of fine ruching and fuller material. Glamorous and daring, evening dresses beckon you with their mystique in 2012-2013.

Flirt with chiffons and laces that play along in long, flowing dresses and also in silhouettes. Revel in metallic textures with Cooper St and team it up with jewelry that screams regal and feminine.

Unique Style Statement
Gowns in rich, warm tones are ruling the fashion scene this season and the evening dresses you choose to wear can make a stylish difference to the party. Although you might like to follow what's 'in', and it is natural too, but the feeling of looking like everyone else could give you cold feet.

At Cooper St you can catch the latest trends with a glamorous twist to lend uniqueness to the dresses so that you can look trendy but not at the cost of your individuality.

Celebrating with friends, family or colleagues are occasions that call for a warm, enduring yet accessible look. After all, you don't want to end up looking arrogant instead of different. You can get evening dresses that will lend you the classic styles you have always admired along with a bold look with fluid shapes and figure-defining falls.

Experiment styles
Getting stuck with a specific look is the last thing you would want. The adaptability of Cooper St dresses is such that you can mix and match to create an entirely different look.

For instance, the latest Art Deco inspired cocktail dresses can be teamed up with a shrug or a silk coat to give an offbeat yet formal style. Even the feminine peach dress can be paired with a stole and complemented by subtle accessories to give an endearing look at a family get together. It all actually depends on your creativity and mood.

A perfect dress enhances the confidence in a lady yet it is the lady herself who lends her inimitable mark of grace and charm to a particular dress. Realizing this mystical aspect of a woman's aura, Cooper St has creations that bring out the innate sense of feminity in a woman; replete with her self-assured and composed demeanor.

Each dress is painstakingly conceptualized to lend a signature style to the contemporary woman with vibrant compositions in soft pastels, flowing fabrics, distinctive styles and inspiring colors for women who like to flaunt their individuality.
Evening Dresses Uk
Evening Dresses Uk
Evening Dresses Uk
Evening Dresses Uk
Evening Dresses Uk
Evening Dresses Uk
Evening Dresses Uk
Evening Dresses Uk
Evening Dresses Uk
Evening Dresses Uk
Evening Dresses Uk


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  2. Off the shoulder over sized T and tights. So fabulous for any occasion. Another ensemble you will regularly seeme n. I don’t have to pull my belly in, still feel sexy with one shoulder bared and again can dress up with heels or wedges and down with a pair of flats. To dress up even more, a oversized pair of glamour jewelled earrings. Youj can alsodress the look up by wearing a longer sheer blouse. I have a sheer bronze animal print shirt that I wear with leggings and feel amazing in every time AI wear it.

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