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Dresses For Wedding Guests

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Forward thinking scientists at Sheffield’s Hallam University have formulated an environmentally-friendly idea they believe could change wedding fashion forever, and for the greater good.

The world’s first bio-degradable wedding dress pays heed to the complications of what to do with a the darned thing once the big day and the honeymoon are over and looks to recoup some of the average £997 cost of a wedding dress.

Eco-conscious brides can simply put the garment in water, where the seams dissolve leaving you with material that can then be used to create new garments. Of course, all of this means that it’s even more important to ensure that there’s an umbrella spare on the big day…

It’s done using something called ‘polyvinyl alcohol’, common in washing detergents, knitted into the fabric. This means the dress itself is the usual material and appearance. The designers feel the bridal gown is the epitome of throwaway fashion, and are keen to provide a new “union between art and technology.” However, university lecturer Jane Blohm is less concerned about the wedding industry than fashion as a whole, adding that, “the fashion industry must begin to challenge conventional attitudes and practices.”

The dress is the focal point of an exhibition, ‘A Sustainable Marriage‘, currently running at the university.
If you haven't attended a wedding before, then you probably didn't know that dresses for wedding guests are almost equally important as the wedding dress that the bride will wear herself. This is mainly the result of the fact that you will somehow be in the spotlight as well, which means that picking one of the dresses for wedding guests is a hard task itself.

Choosing out of an immense range of dresses for wedding guests is difficult and tiring unless you know exactly what you're looking for. The number one rule at weddings is to avoid the color white and nuances which are close to it as much as possible. This type of dresses for wedding guests is definitely not appropriate because the color white is reserved only for the bride.
On the other hand, dresses for wedding guests based on the color black are probably elegant but this is surely not a shade that inspires the right mood for a happy event in someone's life such as their wedding day. Therefore, you should try out some of the dresses for wedding guests that consist in lively colors such as red, green or yellow.
If you are not a fan of the previously-mentioned nuances that a lot of dresses for wedding guests are based on, then you should take a look at the traditional ones which are represented by a wide range of brown, beige, blue and so on. With so many different dresses for wedding guests to choose from, you will surely find one that suits your preferences the most.

World renowned designers such as Elie Saab, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta didn't stop at wedding dresses.

Chic styles for wedding guests were also showcased at the New York and Barcelona bridal weeks, featuring reworks of the typically muted wedding colour palette, eye-catching textures and high hemlines.

Stand out from the crowd with one of 2013's trends that featured on both sides of the Atlantic.

Short and sweet

The pastel palette featured highly in both bridal weeks. These romantic hues lend themselves to a spring or summer time nuptials.

Go for a knee-length design to give the soft tones a fun, flirty edge.

Bold and majestic, these gemstone colours make a real statement.

They work equally well for summer and winter weddings. Team with metallic accessories and you'll be ready to shine.

Tassels, feathers, ruffles and layers are perfect for a more striking look, full of colour and volume.

If this sounds too daring, add some plumage to your clutch or wear a pair of tasselled heels.
Choosing the perfect outfit to wear to a wedding can be a minefield of problems as you try to negotiate your way between demure lacklustre and fashion faux pas to achieve a look that’s just right. Deciphering the dress code on the invitation is just the beginning- actually finding something that’s appropriate is where it gets tricky. With all the rules, etiquette and expectations that are placed upon you as a wedding guest, deciding what to wear can be a nightmare- but don’t worry, here are a few guidelines to help you.

First of all, have a look at the invitation- the dress code is usually written on here. The bride and groom will expect you to turn up in accord with the level of standard they set, so you need to comply with their wishes- it’s their big day, after all. So now that you know what the dress code is, what does it all mean? Here are a few pointers on what to wear:

For the Ladies

1. Informal Daytime: A dress or suit is appropriate. A cute skirt and sweater set with a pair of heels will also work fine. Remember, you’re not going out nightclubbing, so ditch the glitzy dress and over-the-top makeup. Simple is usually best.
2. Informal Evening: A cocktail dress is definitely suitable; however, steer away from anything too short or revealing. Black is fine and darker colours lend an air of sophistication to any outfit.
3. Semi-Formal Daytime: Dress it up a bit with a dress or suit. Although the same basic rules apply as to Informal Daytime attire, for this event you’ll need to choose items that are more elegant. Why not try a fun floral print dress, and accessorise with a beautiful hat to co-ordinate? Suits can look quite classy, though try to stay away from dark colours or you might look like you’re going into the office- instead, try pastel colours.
4. Semi-formal Evening: Again, a cocktail dress fits the bill perfectly- a little black dress will take you almost anywhere!
5. Formal Daytime: Go for a dress or suit in pastels and soft floral prints. Hats and gloves are optional, though remember that someone has to sit behind you during the ceremony and won’t want their view  blocked by your headgear. Also, opera-length gloves (to the top of your arm) are a no-go for this time of day; stick to wrist-length gloves, and lace is always a fun way to jazz up an outfit or add style. If you’re unsure of what style suits this occasion, think of Samantha Cameron from the Royal Wedding- her dress was simple, but the colours worked together to create a stylish and chic outfit.
Dresses For Wedding Guests
Dresses For Wedding Guests
Dresses For Wedding Guests
Dresses For Wedding Guests
Dresses For Wedding Guests
Dresses For Wedding Guests
Dresses For Wedding Guests
Dresses For Wedding Guests
Dresses For Wedding Guests
Dresses For Wedding Guests
Dresses For Wedding Guests

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