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Frocks Dress

Frocks Dress Biography
Style, history, and culture come together in a summer event at Vancouver's beautifully restored Roedde House Museum.

Mr. Ivan Sayers will be presenting his fashion show on "Frocks and Tea Dresses Suitable for Both Formal and Informal Receptions". Renowned fashion historian from the 1650s and beyond, Mr. Sayers has one of the most "comprehensive collections of historic clothing in private hands across Canada" (SFU Continuing Studies Bio).
A tea party will be held after the show.

After the American Music Awards last week, we drew a conclusion that shimmery ensembles always make it to best-dressed lists—especially these days.

Yes, maybe it’s because of the holidays. We’re seeing many celebrities donning shimmering dresses, sparkly but definitely not eyesores. In fact, most of the frocks being paraded are eye candies.

At the UNICEF Snowflake Ball, we picked two celebrities who outshone everyone else literally with their shimmery, floor-length frocks: pop-culture princesses Selena Gomez and Katy Perry.

Okay, what were they wearing?

Selena Gomez

Selena wore a sparkly black halter Dolce and Gabbana gown with shimmering details on the front down through the hem. The gown also had a soft train, which made it more elegant. Selena completed her look with a matching black clutch bag. For her jewelry, she opted for ruby earrings.
Drama in blue. Katy also wore a halter gown. Hers was a midnight blue beaded creation by Naeem Khan which featured a dramatic cape and beaded belt. Katy accentuated her shimmery ensemble with a pair of blue sapphire and diamond earrings and a cuff that perfectly matched her gown to the point of gush on our part. She completed her look with a blue satin clutch bag.

The shimmer definitely caught our eye, but it was the train and the cape that provided the drama for Selena and Katy’s dress, respectively.

The holiday season is just beginning. We look forward to more shimmery winners like these as the happy days roll in.

I have 8 BMs and five of them have chosen their dresses.  I am letting them pick their own dress provided that they're from David's Bridal, satin, full length, and in Pool (their Tiffany Blue).  Two of the above dresses have been discontinued so I couldn't find a stock photo.

I will also have 3 Jr.BMs.  Sames rules apply to them.  They/their parents pick out whichever style of dress they like provided that they meet the same guidelines.

Toolgrrl on Etsy is showcasing her collection of anatomical attire among other clothing pieces. Although you may initially think that anatomy dresses may be obscene and vulgar, these frocks are actually very artistic and detail oriented with the use of multiple colors and fabrics.

Another piece that Toolgrrl is featuring is a jacket made of white gloves. Could this be the perfect jacket for Michael Jackson fans?

Implications - The human anatomy continues to gain new appreciation as a direct result of popular medical shows like Grey's Anatomy and Private Practise. This medical appreciation can find its way into various industries as businesses capitalize on the opportunity to target medically minded individuals as well as those who have an appreciation for the human body.

I can see why she did, based on some of my recent creations.  A look at my Etsy shop shows that I am wild for florals.
The book has very interesting photos and a good amount of history, explaining the development of the floral day dress in the 20th century.  I enjoy reading about this time period, and all my watching of public television costume dramas and pre-war mysteries has just reinforced my occasional wish that we could dress that way again.

This one really grabs me, I am crazy for those shoes, plus look how the pleats in the skirt incorporate the design of the fabric.
Here is the accompanying caption,
featured in Vogue Magazine as
the "Bargain of the Month."
According to the authors, prior to the mid-twenties, floral print was rarely seen in fashionable day wear, mostly used for work wear or cheaper clothes such as nightwear, aprons or linings.  During the 20's, with the growing emphasis on leisure and outdoor activities, floral prints for casual beachwear became available, eventually migrating to dresses for women of all classes.

Look at how they created those varying stripes with the floral pattern, fantastic.  The dress on the right is a 2-piece, sundress with little jacket.

At the same time new methods for printing fabrics were developed, and a range of new synthetic fabrics made more choices available.  Changes in fashion production meant that prices went down and people could acquire more clothes, either buying or making at home.

Note the gloves worn in this photo.  Had I been dressing then I would have had a collection of single gloves - as I am sure I would lose just one on a regular basis.

In the late 40's and all through the 50's prints moved into everyday clothes for women and the summer floral day dress gained in popularity.  I think this one below is my favorite.  While I love the use of the horizontal pattern and full skirts of the dresses shown above, the color in this one really attracts me, as well as that bow.  And I would wear that dress on the cover of the book in a heartbeat.

Fun to have a peek into some fashion history - but think of all that ironing!
My recommendation for today - wear florals and be cheery.

Very serendipitous to receive this book now as I am just finishing a project this week, something vintage and floral. I will do a post next week but here is a peek.  The fabric is from my "Margaret" collection, an estate sale treasure trove that is like Mary Poppin's magic bag, unlimited gems in that box.

LOng kameez anarkali frocks, they are the items which are going very hit in pakistani fashion. women of every age loves to wear long kameez with trousers and the girls loves to wear long, short churidar every type of dress which they like. Here are some of very beautifull dresses ,frocks and Kameez designs of 2011. Hope you all will like.Long kameez and frocks can hide the fat parts of your body and by wearing long kameez you can look more smart and sexy and tall. With short height women and girls always try to wear some long shirts with wide i open legged trouser by wearing this you can look tall and graceful.

In present post you can see all the fashion trends of frocks bordered ghera and decorated with laces and embroidery work looks good. In 2011 embroidery remain very in fashion and stylish embroidery always appeal and make your dress more shiny and graceful.

Frocks Dress
Frocks Dress
Frocks Dress
Frocks Dress
Frocks Dress
Frocks Dress
Frocks Dress
Frocks Dress
Frocks Dress
Frocks Dress

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