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Toddler Dress

Toddler Dress Biography
You can have as much fun building a wardrobe for your one- to three-year-old as you had selecting her layette when she was a baby. Although a few of the rules change, the cute factor for dressing toddlers is the same as it was for choosing babywear.

Now that your tot is walking, running, climbing, using the potty (or learning to), and insisting on doing practically everything “all by myself,” you’ll want to keep certain factors in mind when you dress your darling (especially if you want to hone those newfound dressing skills). So when you’re shopping for toddler clothes, look for garb that:

Won’t blow your budget. While your toddler’s growth rate is a bit slower than the baby pace, you’ll still be lucky to get more than a season out of most clothing you buy, so why break the bank? Take advantage of sales, and don’t turn your nose up at consignment stores. When it comes to basic tops and bottoms, dressing toddlers in pre-worn wear makes good (dollars and) sense.
Will hold up. Not only do toddler clothes need to withstand lots of wear-and-tear (think playground to puddle and back again), they also need to make it through multiple washings and dryings.
Meets comfy criteria. A toddler’s skin is still as delicate and sensitive as a baby’s, so parents should be dressing toddlers in soft fabrics like stretchy cotton, which is breathable and super-easy to move in. Also check for well-finished seams that won’t rub and non-scratchy tags (which you can always cut out, of course), and beware of appliqu├ęs and other decorative elements that can itch or irritate.
Are a good fit. Here’s how toddler clothing sizes break down according to a child’s height and weight:
2T: 25–27 lbs., 32–34 in.
3T: 28–32 lbs., 35–37 in.
4T: 33–36 lbs., 38–40 in.
5T: 37–42 lbs., 41–43 in.
That’s generally speaking, though. Some other things to keep in mind regarding fit:

If your child is on the short side, she may be able to wear clothing labeled in month sizes (for a baby) rather than in the T (toddler) size. Month sizes have the same weight range but a slightly lower height range.
European sizing is based on how tall tots are, so convert your child’s height from inches to centimeters (you can try this calculator) and you’ll always know exactly which size to buy.
If the toddler size of an outfit you like is out of stock, the kid size may well fit your small fry: Kid sizes tend to be longer with less room in the seat (toddler sizes allow space for a diaper), so a tall toddler who’s totally potty trained can probably pull off a kid size.
Swimsuits typically run small, so you’ll almost always need to buy one size up from what your tot usually wears. (If you buy a bigger size in a one piece for a little girl, you may need to fasten the straps together in the back to keep them from slipping down her shoulders.)
If you want to spring for a fancy outfit from a high-end kiddie boutique (for a special occasion, say), go for it — but be aware that these tend to run small, too.
Another key piece of info for dressing toddlers: Most toddlers have a “me-do-it!” mentality that affects everything from pushing their own stroller to pulling on their own pants. Make toddler dressing as me-do-able as possible: Buy bottoms with elastic waists rather than button or zipper flies (perfect clothes for potty training as well), tops with neck holes wide enough for your child’s head to slip through easily, and shirts with buttons and snaps that are big enough for your munchkin to at least try to manipulate herself. Those who follow these tips find dressing toddlers to be a source of fun and learning, rather than frustration, for both themselves and their independent toddler fashionistas.

 Patrick Ricardo Jackson, 1975, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Jackson began his career in his teens performing on sound systems under the guise of Dirty Harry. He changed his name to Harry Toddler following the suggestion of a producer with whom he was voicing a dub plate. His DJ skills impressed Bounty Killer, whose hit ‘Scare Dem Crew’ inspired Killer to recruit Elephant Man, Boom Dandimite, Nitty Kutchie and Toddler to perform collectively. The crew enjoyed a series of hits as the Scare Dem Crew while concurrently pursuing solo careers. Toddler was credited as being the first member to enjoy a solo hit, although Elephant Man is widely acknowledged as being the most successful. Toddler’s initial hit, ‘Bad Man Nuh Dress Like Girl’, was a witty condemnation of the ‘lady boy’ trend in Kingston. The song signalled the demise of the original Scare Dem Crew, although the break up was amicable. Toddler maintained a high profile with a series of hits, notably ‘Bleach Out Face’, ‘Cut Dem Off’, ‘Hand Mi Di Fire’ and ‘Sweet Lady’, in addition to production and writing work. He also found time to tour Canada, the Caribbean and Europe. The DJ also performed in the movie Third World Cop. By 2001 the reggae media were speculating that Toddler had abandoned dancehall and turned to Christianity. The reports were inspired by the fact that he joined his mother in church to help him cope with his own personal tragedies. Having prevailed over family bereavements Toddler returned with a vengeance and released a series of hits including, ‘Waste Matter’, ‘Gun Angel’, ‘We Nuh Care’ and the poignant ‘Pretend Friend’. Although he was regarded as performing in the shadow of Elephant Man, Harry Toddler proved he was a serious contender to his old colleague when he set up his own label and embarked on sessions for his debut album.

She may be just six years old, but MaKenzie Myers' diva personality has made her a breakout star of Toddlers and Tiaras.

Now the pint-sized beauty queen's mother has spoken about the vast sums of money spent on keeping her daughter's pageant dreams alive.

Juana Myers, from Montgomery, Louisiana, says that she will never recoup the cost of $400 competition entry fees and $50 professional coaching sessions.

She told the Today show how she has spent up to $4,000 on a single 'glitz' dress, with each costume costing an average of $300-500.

She admitted that she had never added up how much she has spent since she first entered MaKenzie into a pageant at just 18 months.

She said: 'You never get back the money you put into it. Never. The reason [we compete in pageants] is that MaKenzie loves ... this is her hobby and her sport... It’s what she loves to do. It’s what she constantly talks about. It’s about her. It’s about what she wants to do.'

Mrs Myers, who was also entered into beauty pageants as a child, explained that her daughter's winnings were put into a college fund and reinvested into future competitions.

'Also, I sell a lot of her things that she wears,' she added. 'I can sell those and make money back.'

She also revealed how much time she invests in preparations for MaKenzie's pageants.

For the Universal Royalty Grand National competition in Texas, in which Toddlers and Tiaras viewers saw MaKenzie lose out on the top title to another girl, her mother had been making plans six months in advance.

She revealed: 'Everything had to be custom made. Her dress we actually started about six months prior to the pageant. And with our lessons, we started about a month, four weeks or so, in advance to work on the routines. Then I’d bring her to her pageant coach.

Like mother like daughter: Juana Myers, who herself competed in pageants as a child, says she doesn't know how much she has spent since she first entered MaKenzie into a child beauty contest at 18 months

'I’d work with her here at home as well. We normally practice about an hour once a day before the pageant. Seven days a week, every evening.'

Diva: MaKenzie's larger-than-life personality has made her a Toddlers and Tiaras favourite
Though Mrs Myers and her husband have no issues with letting MaKenzie wear hairpieces, heels and make-up, she does draw the line at waxing eyebrows and bleaching of teeth and hair.
'We don’t do any of that,' she revealed. 'We don’t even shave her eyebrows. The stuff to me that will permanently or semi-permanently take away their natural beauty, I don’t believe in any of that. 
'No bleaching the hair. None of that. They’re still little girls. At the end of the day at the pageant, it can all be wiped off. That’s what we do. We don’t do anything that’s going to stay.'
Too-sexy outfits are also off-limits for MaKenzie, though when asked about the risk of paedophiles, Mrs Myers said that it was not something that she tries to think about or focus on much.
'[MaKenzie] has a manager and he keeps her protected, and from being exploited too much,' she said.

Here’s a dress that would be perfect for a little girl to wear on the 4th of July.  There isn’t much vintage action going on here, with the exception of the linen collar and cuffs and the vintage pattern.  The fabric is another print from Joann’s that I thought looked patriotic and reminded me of rick-rack.  Most of these new, better quality Joann fabrics are $13/yd, but it’s not bad if you have a 50% coupon.

The pattern is Simplicity 2667, and I think it’s from the 1950s.  The pleats are deep, so the dress is very full, which I like.  The version on the pattern envelope with a solid red dress and striped apron is pretty cute, too.

Let me guess... There is a wedding in the family and your cute little girl has been assigned as the flower girl right?
Now your job is to find the cutest toddler flower girl dress in the world!
I am honored to help you with this fun task!
I just so happened to come across the most beautiful and sweetest toddler flower girl dresses I've ever seen!
They are just adorable and when you watch your little princess walk down the aisle throwing flower petals wearing her cute flower girl dress you are just going to melt!
Shall we start on our fun quest to find the most perfect flower girl dress for your toddler?

Toddler Dress
Toddler Dress
Toddler Dress
Toddler Dress
Toddler Dress
Toddler Dress
Toddler Dress
Toddler Dress
Toddler Dress
Toddler Dress
Toddler Dress

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