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Dress Children

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The best selection organic and natural products for mother, baby and child awaits you.
Our products include; modern maternity wear, organic baby clothes and funky threads for under 5’s. We stock organic baby blankets, organic wraps and bunny rugs and an extensive range of certified organic skincare and baby creams.
Our stylish collection of nursery essentials, furniture,
and natural parenting tools will make
shopping for your new arrival easy.
Eco Child’s experienced team can assist you with
nursery and layette planning, sizing advice, baby
essentials and setting up a baby gift registry!
Come in store and take advantage of our
baby clinic & classes or simply enjoy
shopping online!

Nature Baby is a family business established in 1998. Inspired by the birth of our first child and begun as a quest for natural and innovative products, we found, that like us there were other parents whom also wanted natural, chemical free products that ensured the preservation of a beautiful world for our children to grow up in.
Since we began, our product range has been constantly evolving and expanding. We are proud to be able to offer a wide range of natural products for the modern parent.
Because we see babies as so precious and sensitive all of our products are carefully selected for quality, purity, safety and are produced in such a way that cares for the earth and its workers.
As parents, by making simple choices during this special period you can provide a healthy, positive environment for your children as well as nourishing and preserving the world in which they will grow. We can make changes in the world through informed actions and purchases.
Introducing some of our most loved products...
Nature Baby stocks only natural fibres such as organic cotton and merino wool.
Organic cotton is grown and processed without the use of harmful chemical fertilisers and pesticides and has no finishing chemicals on it such as bleaches and fire-retardants which contain dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde. (Natural fibres are naturally fire resistant). Conventionally grown cotton is one of the most environmentally destructive crops grown in the world today, requiring huge amounts of pesticides. Our Nature Baby cotton is handpicked of insects, dyed without heavy metal dyes and hand-produced in organic farming communities for the benefit of all people taking part in the production process.
The wearing of such light, luxurious organic cotton next to the skin allows ventilation, absorbing body moisture and aids in maintaining an even body temperature. It is the perfect fabric for a baby's sensitive skin. The Nature Baby clothing range has organic bodysuits, stretch and grows, rompers, T-shirts, kimono tops which have been thoughtfully designed to allow for maximum comfort and the styling is sweet, classical and beautifully refined.
Organic Merino wool is a perfect fabric for newborn babies. This is because, as well as being an insulating fibre, it also absorbs body moisture and allows for maximum airflow, hence allowing babies-who still have volatile temperature mechanisms to maintain a constant-regular body temperature, unlike synthetic fibres which can cause overheating.
Unlike regular wool, merino wool is very soft and non-irritating. Our organic merino wool garments have been produced from sheep that have been raised organically and have not been subjected to the conventional chemical process of dipping, drenching and scouring. This means the wool is completely free of chemical residue and the wool is in its most natural soft state.
Because a baby spends so much of their new life sleeping, a healthy sleeping environment free from synthetics and chemicals is essential. At Nature Baby we hand-produce organic wool futons/mattresses in a range of shapes and sizes including a moses basket and bassinet . They are produced using certified organic New Zealand wool and are encased in a certified organic cotton/linen outer. We have selected wool as our fibre of choice for its insulating qualities and its ability to maintain an even body temperature as it allows air to move through the soft wool knops and because it absorbs body moisture. Studies have shown that premature babies grow faster when placed on wool as they are able to concentrate their energy on growing, and not on temperature regulation. Being produced entirely from organic material they are completely free of any chemical residue. Wool is a bacterially resistant fibre which means that it will not harbour undesirable bacteria such as mould. We recommend that people expose their mattresses to sunlight and air regularly in order to maintain the benefits of the futon/mattress. Protect your mattress with an organic wool mattress protector which maintains the breathability of the mattress and protects the mattress from the inevitable spills and leaks from baby.
Nature Baby uses only the finest wild and organic botanical ingredients for our pregnancy range - ' Mum' and our ' Baby' range.
Our key ingredients for our Mum range are 100% pure Shea Butter ('mums butter') for it's moisturising and protective capabilities, Rose and Rosehip for their restorative and regenerative capabilities and Lavender for the promotion of relaxation. Our key ingredients for our baby range are Organic Sweet Almond, Lavender and Chamomile - time honoured classics known for their mildness and ability to soothe. Nature Baby skin care products do not contain artificial ingredients such as preservatives, sodium laurel sulphate and mineral parabens. We believe the skin actively absorbs all substances placed on it, and as babies are far more sensitive to chemicals than we as adults are it is therefore essential only the finest natural ingredients be used.
This is just a background to some of the products we have available. We also stock contemporary wooden furniture such as Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchairs and our own New Zealand made wooden furniture. Not to mention the loads of unique toys from New Zealand and around the globe. If you want to order a product that is not available on our website, please just let us know and we will do our best to deliver what it is that you want. Our New Zealand, Australian and US websites are designed to make your online shopping easy and offer great shipping rates.
We hope you enjoy what Nature Baby has to offer. We love your feedback and welcome all enquiries.
Love from the Nature Baby team.
Dress Children
Dress Children
Dress Children
Dress Children
Dress Children
Dress Children
Dress Children
Dress Children
Dress Children
Dress Children
Dress Children

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