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Elegant Dresses

Elegant Dresses Biography
The spotlight of any wedding will be on the bride, of course. But another woman that all people will be looking at is her mother, more aptly titled the mother of the bride.

It is important to keep in mind that the mother of the bride dress should be cohesive with the tone and theme of the rest of the wedding and bridal party. It is wise to steer clear of dresses that are either much more or much less elegant than the tone of the wedding. The first step in finding the perfect mother of the bride dress is to look at the dress that the bride has chosen and attempt to continue the overall motif. Keeping in mind the brides and bridal party’s dresses will help you choose a mother of the bride ensemble that is elegant without going over the top.

For mother of the bride dresses, color and theme will play a big role, as it does in the rest of the wedding planning. It is important to think carefully about the colors and styles of the dresses you are choosing and make sure that they match with the wedding itself.

The bridesmaid dress color is another important factor to keep in mind when searching for the perfect mother of the bride dress. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that all of the bridal party dresses, including the mother of the bride, are cohesive with one another, and will look good together in those memorable photographs. When it comes to extremely elegant mother of the bride dresses, it is not uncommon to have the same color dress as the bridesmaids, perhaps in a deeper or richer tone. For example, if the bridesmaid dresses are light lavender hue, you might consider having a deep purple mother of the bride dress. This will allow you to stay in the color scheme, but to also make sure that the mother of the bride is being set apart from the other bridesmaids.

The theme of your wedding is another factor that will affect the style of dress you choose for the mother of the bride. Typically for extremely formal weddings that are held at night or fancy weddings held in the late afternoon, dresses will be free flowing, elegant, long and loose fitting. While it is important for the mother of the bride to look exceptionally elegant in her chosen dress, it is also imperative to remember that the dress should not be longer or lower cut than the dress of the bride.

Try to pay close attention to the straps of the mother of the bride gown. If the bridal gown is strapless dress, it is perfectly acceptable to continue the theme and have the mother of the bride don a strapless ensemble as well. However, if the chosen bridal gown does have straps or sleeves, the mother of the bride should be wearing them, too. This is a good rule to follow because it will help you make sure that even though the mother of the bride dress will be special and elegant, it will not be irrelevant in comparison with the bridal garment.

When choosing the perfect gown for your mother, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. It is important to try to have the mother of the bride dress coordinate with the rest of your bridal party and wedding theme, in respect to elegance, color and theme. While there are many options to choose from including different hues and dress styles, it is very important that the mother of the brides dress has somewhat of a comparison to the bridal party.

This comparison can be in regards to style, grace, and design. Many brides also choose to have the mother of the bride gown match similarly to the mother of the groom dress in attempts to tie in the entire theme of your wedding.

No matter what dress you choose, your mother will be gleaming with joy on the day of your wedding as she watches her child embrace true love.

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This is the updated edition of our popular Coco Chanel biography!


Coco Chanel is best known for her contributions to the design and fashion industry. The famous French designer is believed to be the inventor of the little black dress and for instigating the notion that tanned skin is beautiful. Her designs changed the way we approached the female form, and Hollywood stars would fly her from Paris to Los Angeles just to have a red carpet dress designed. While introducing the world to radical fashion industry transformations, she spent most of her time socializing with the Elite of Parisian and British society.

As we know her today, Coco Chanel is the French goddess who has bestowed us with perfumes, designs and the legendary Chanel Suit. Her public statements are often quote by those in the fashion industry who place emphasis on elegance, and those in the business world who strive to succeed. Her designs continue to sell today, and she now has a well-established line of beauty and perfume products. Ever the intellectual, her modernist thoughts have gained her worldwide recognition, even after her death in 1971.

Although Coco is best known to us for re-inventing style, her life has not been without its controversies. Far from being a mere woman of elegance, Chanel has a hidden past. By digging beneath the surface, it is clear to see she was just as well known for her drug addiction, affairs with members of the British elite and allegiance with anti-Semitic Nazis. On several occasions she evaded facing international war trials, thanks to her connections in high places.


Although the world today mainly remembers Coco Chanel as the woman who changed the face of fashion, throughout her life she was plagued by controversy. Much of these controversies came from the relationships she had with men, as well as rumored sexual liaisons. Throughout her earlier adult to middle age years, Chanel had many affairs with members of both British and Parisian high society.

Chanel's first long-term affair was with an ex-cavalry member known as Etienne Balsan, a wealthy socialite who provided the French army with its uniforms. She met the young textile maker while working in Moulins, and proceeded to be his mistress for three years. Rumors still continue to circulate about the couple potentially having a child together and claiming that it was the son of Chanel's late sister Julia-Berthe. It was her time with Etienne that would later lead to her meeting the love of her life and the man who would help her rise to fame: Captain Arthur Edward Capel.
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Elegant Dresses
Elegant Dresses
Elegant Dresses
Elegant Dresses
Elegant Dresses
Elegant Dresses
Elegant Dresses
Elegant Dresses
Elegant Dresses
Elegant Dresses
Elegant Dresses

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