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Christening Dresses

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The christening ceremony or the baptism is one of the major rituals that the Christians follow. On this day the parents of the infant make a commitment to the officials of the church. However, it is being celebrated in a very unique way nowadays compared to how it was carried out before. The christening gowns are the dresses worn by the baby girl and boy during this ceremony. Back in the 17th century, the ceremony was conducted by wrapping a cloth tightly around the little one and the gowns were not much in practice. After the ceremony, the toddler can be called a genuine Christian and a member of the church.

Choosing the godparents:

However, choosing the godparents is as necessary as choosing christening gowns for your child. The selected godparent can either be a close relative or an intimate friend of the parents of the infant. The church prefers the godparents to be christened and confirmed members of the church. Some of the vicars of the church may also demand for a proof regarding the christening of the godparents. The selection of the godparent should be wisely done based on the role they are about to play in the life of the child. As per the traditions, baby girls have one godfather and two godmothers. Likewise, baby boys have one godmother and two godfathers. This decision can be entirely dependent on the parents of the newborn and may vary as per their choice.

The christening gowns for the event:

Both boys as well as girls wear appropriate christening gowns for the ceremony. In general, most of the people choose a white, ivory or cream colored gown for the event. Though you have the liberty to choose diverse colors, the white color represents the purity of the formal procedures. The ritual is held in the church and hence you should confirm the date, time and the venue to all the invitees by sending out cards or calling them through phone. The christening gowns can be chosen either from a retail store or you can also opt for shopping online. You can choose a trendy model which can even be passed to the further generations. Make sure that your choice of the gown suits your baby and the budget. The miscellaneous types of gowns for the infants can include the styles like formal and stylish long gowns, regal Nottingham lace gowns, vintage formal long and short gowns, nautical sailor types, rompers etc. Besides, you can also decide on a simple and elegant design made of batiste cotton.

Add on accessories:

Based on the climate of the region, you can add accessories like sweater, blanket, bonnet and booties. You can also append other trimmings and garnishing to the christening gowns that can complement the looks of the little angel. Plus, choose a comfortable dress for the toddler since hard fabrics can bring about rashes to the sensitive skin. It is recommenced to use either cotton, silk or linen fabrics for the baby.

The coming of a child in a family brings with it an unexplainable flood of emotions. Taking care of the baby, spending time with the baby, introducing the baby to numerous family members and friends- all of these create great excitement and thrill in the hearts of the parents. Welcoming the baby in their religious community is one of the many such exciting occasions for the family. Christening is one of the most cherished and important days of a child’s life. In fact, according to tradition, it is organised even before the first birthday of the child.
Christening gowns are commonly vital part of the ceremony among the varied believes and practices of christening. Earlier, christening used to be organised in a grander manner and so it required more preparation. The christening gown used to be sewed by the mother of the infant. Hence, these gowns were of heirloom quality and look. They were made of linen, silk, satin or cotton. Having long sleeves, these christening gowns were pretty long. There were matching booties and bonnets with them. The designs used varied- some had heavy embroidery while others were simple. These would be passed on from generation to another and thus carried a lot of sentimental value too.

There is no need to feel bad if you do not have one such traditional christening gown. In fact, some people prefer modern styles over traditional christening gowns. If that is the case then you have a lot of choices. These days, there are separate dresses available for boys and girls for the christening. Unisex gowns are not what you have to stick to. In fact, there are many modern christening gowns with beautiful embroidery on them and not the plain white. There are gowns with intricate designs, motifs and even sequins.

Before deciding the perfect christening gown for your baby, keep the following points in mind:
Age and ability of the baby
Family tradition

Christening is considered to be public announcement of your gratefulness to God for gifting you with a baby. By means of christening them, parents indirectly promise to bring up their children in adherence to the faith of Christianity. It is not, however, making them Christian. Christening is considered a scared ceremony which is shared with near and dear ones that is friends and family. Sometimes the church body is also included.

Nowadays, there have arrived many alternatives to christenings, such as blessings, dedications and thanksgivings. These are held during normal church hours and hence are much less ceremonial than christening.

Nevertheless, many people still hold faith in the christening ceremony and follow it due to the family tradition. In such cases, christening gowns become very important. When choosing your baby’s christening gown, you can look at some specialty stores or go through yard sales. If you are a little creative, then you can even design your baby’s christening gown on your own. Both style and comfort must be kept in mind if and when someone designs the gown on their own.

November 30, 2012 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- Textile artist Becca Frontera isn't piecing beautiful wedding gowns together, she's taking them apart.

Instead of waiting to pass down a dress to a daughter, some women are turning their gowns into christening gowns and communion dresses.

"A wedding gown is such a beautiful traditional item. It has flavor. It has a family and a story. I thought that people would really like to have that trust go another step and intertwine it with another story for a baby or young girl," Becky Frontera, Becca Designs, said.

Once-beaming brides who are now proud moms are bringing Frontera their gowns to pass the tradition along sooner than originally planned. The Orland Park designer listens to the family's vision and then they all determine how to make it work, using as much of the original garment as possible.

"I thought the sleeves could be the belt and it turned out. So I de-constructed the dress, took the sleeves off, added some material to the back and the sleeves just folded beautifully because they were lace. Each dress is different," Frontera said.

Frontera says it's not just the new moms getting in on this ultimate upcycle. Grandmothers are even requesting that parts of their gowns -- their veils, for example -- be worked into the new design for the little one's garment. Giving it all a sense of freshness, forged with family heritage.

"You can see your dress in another light and they are usually ready for the family to collaborate. Think about it and how can we make this a tradition for the family," Frontera said.

The prices vary for the re-design depending on how just elaborate you want to get with your new keepsake.

Most of the parents think that they should buy a Christening dresses that will be storing for the younger children. The tips from the experts are given to the parents to use them in future. Mostly these dresses include the christening gowns that are spotless and free from the colorless stains before storing for the future use. Stains include a variety of oils spot with the perspiration that may cause the cloth to be damaged. Storing includes the Air dirt free that needs to be using acid cleaning. But mostly soft tissues are used in place of the acid cleaning. These help cloths to be in shape and protect them from compressing and minimizing the fold for dressing up and keeping the cupboard.

Some of the method to store the christening gowns includes basically three types. They are Store dresses in piece of clothing for the luggage acceptable in robe. Garment luggages are available in totally different sizes. Baptism celebrations are command at totally different times during a baby’s life. Some Christening dresses square measure the command that is shortly once birth. Others aren't command till months into the primary year. Boys’ baptism outfits won't need as commodious storage because of the full folds of girls’ robes.

A dress should never be pressed into suitcase because the length of the dress can be affected and Baptism dresses could also be purchased and hold on for a brief amount in vinyl garment luggage. For long run storage, however, robes must not ever be hold on in vinyl or plastic. Do not make contact with these materials that will damage the dress over Associates in nursing the extended amount of once time. Their presence will result in discoloration plus deterioration. The dress must breathe to survive the years. Another method if cloth can’t breathe, it'll fade and switch yellow hence no dyes before chemicals should ever be allowed to return up-to-date with a baptism robe. Material dresses that need cleaning could also be packaged onsite by a conservation specialist. Finally method that includes a hot loft or a humid basement shouldn't be home for a baptism robe. Heat and wetness aren't kind to heirloom robes. Daylight might brighten our lives however extended exposure to daylight can boring and yellow clothing. The dress ought to be hold on during a space with an even temperature. Hence the usage need to be done carefully keeping in mind all these methods.
Christening Dresses 
Christening Dresses 
Christening Dresses 
Christening Dresses 
Christening Dresses 
Christening Dresses 
Christening Dresses 
Christening Dresses 
Christening Dresses 
Christening Dresses 
Christening Dresses 

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