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Childrens Wear

Childrens Wear Biography
A unique collection of stylish and colourful kids clothing. Our label Nanok Kids offers fun and funky fashion for children. Soft cotton and pure merino wool clothing in bright colours. Lots of retro inspired prints and divine stripes too.

We have a great selection of high quality eco friendly merino clothing for both boys and girls. We dispatch our orders the same or next day, so your kids do not have to wait weeks to start wearing our cool and comfortable garments.

Please note: Due to the earthquakes in Christchurch all orders are now dispatched from Sydney, Australia.

Be sure to check out our funky merino wool tops for children. Not only are they great for those chilly days, they are also ideal for skiing and travelling and can easily fit into your suitcase or hand luggage. Discover here why our eco friendly merino wool clothing is so great for your little explorer.

Stuck for some great last minute gift ideas? Why not give that special little person a unique gift that he or she will treasure, like our merino wool clothing with retro flowers or perhaps a Flensted hanging mobile.
You can buy our merino kids clothes or our kids cotton clothes here.
More Cool Stuff
On this site you will also find a few articles about merino kids clothing and eco friendly clothing.
So go on make yourself a cup of coffee, browse our cool clothes or read our articles.
It is all about kids, fun and fashion!

The organic cream new born pack by Kayatine is the perfect gift for babies.  With press studs along the front and down the side the top is perfect for easy changing.  The trousers have a soft elastic waist and built in feet, perfect for new born and young babies.
On the front of the top is a fun little character created by Kayatine.   The emblem is soft, innocent and sweet in appearance.
Made in France, from 100% Organic Cotton, this product is machine washable.  Silkscreen inks are used with no Phthalates.

just wondering if anyone could advise, have been told by a few people that I ought to wash all of the new baby clothes I buy before letting the baby wear them. (this is regarding a newborn, well, a soon to be newborn baby, due in November!)

Did everyone here wash clothes before wearing??

Blessed Earth’s wool mattresses, toppers, quilts and pillows are the finest in Australia.

The Australian white Suffolk wool is cleaned using bio-degradable, certified organic detergents. It is then carded in Demeter approved premises; manufactured in our Demeter approved factory; then distributed through our store, which has also been inspected and certified by Demeter. The outside casings of all these products are made from natural certified organic cotton which is ideal for wool retention and dust-mite inhibition.

One of the great qualities of wool is it’s ability to wick moisture away from the body at night, then dissipate it by natural evaporation during the day. It keeps our bodies dry – and healthy. Because of this, normal common-sense care should be taken that the room is ventilated. Another great quality is wool’s ability to filter toxic VOC’s from the atmosphere thereby protecting the user from compounds such as Formaldehyde.

We take meticulous care at every stage of the growing and manufacturing of the products you buy. Each product is 100% Australian made and proudly carries the prestigious WOOLMARK seal of approval.

Our aim is to offer you Australia’s finest organic bedding, clothing and living products at wholesale prices, up to 80% off. All our Bed-linen is 66% off.

We can afford to do this as we are either the Australian manufacturers or the distributors of most of the world-class goods we offer you. We specialise in manufacturing Australia's healthiest mattress. and these are 20% off.

Blessed Earth is now a vast family of like-minded, caring people and we welcome you to enjoy our products and the health and well being they will bring to you and your family.
Blessed Earth's exclusive ranges of certified organic cotton Sheet sets and Quilt cover sets are 70% off and now even 75% off on some lines for a strictly limited period. This fantastic offer won't last long... There are may firms selling so-called organic bed-linen without any proof. Perhaps the cotton was organic but it was made up in a corrupted factory with toxic dyes??? Our factory is fully certified by Global Organic Textiles Standard and produces only certified organic bed-linen.

Almost all of our beautiful Demeter certified organic cotton and linen  Baby; Children's and Women's clothing, a total of 69 styles, is now nothing over $9 while stocks and sizes last!!! Simply click on the hyperlinks to go straight to the relevant page.
Other great specials include:

Wool Mattresses... Wool mattresses are 20% off. Due to a long waiting list, delivery will not be until early February. If you are placing a large order such as a house lot, please call for a quotation.
Organic Wool Pillows... Blessed Earth manufactures in Australia the finest wool pillows on the world market. They contain 100% carded Demeter certified fleece wool, are covered in undyed 400 thread count certified organic cotton and give wonderful comfort. We want everyone sleeping on one so for a limited period all our pillows are 45% off.
Quilts & Toppers. Our Australian made quilts and toppers are also the finest you can buy and are now 33%-35% off for a limited period.
Protectors... Mattress and pillow protectors are 33% and 50% off (organic only, Cumfysafe are 25% off)
Lifestyle Organics womens clothing range is 30% off. All other womens clothing, bras and nightwear items are 50-80% off.
On-line orders are always filled before phone orders.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you are a first-time customer ordering over $50, we'd like to offer you a free pair of our wonderful organic cotton socks for Baby; Children; Women or Men. They are valued at $7 - $12. Please mention the style and size you would like in the comments section at the checkout.

There’s a six-letter word I’m about to say but I’m worried it’s way too soon to say it. But with some crazy temperatures in Maryland today almost topping 60 degrees, I guess I’m just in a hopeful mood….Yes, SPRING, people!! I just got my first spring clothing preview in my inbox this morning, which means there must be hope for these winter temps moving out and warmer, sunnier days just around the corner.

Today one of my absolute favorite sites for kids’ clothing, MiniBoden (P.S. I shop their sales and get really excited when I find their stuff second-hand.) just released a first sneak peek of their new childrenswear line for spring. What’s hot for spring? Neon, color-block tees and stripes, colorful shoes, flowered trousers, textured knits and applique. Spring is lookin’ really good.
Childrens Wear
Childrens Wear
Childrens Wear
Childrens Wear
Childrens Wear
Childrens Wear
Childrens Wear
Childrens Wear
Childrens Wear
Childrens Wear
Childrens Wear

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